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Artiste, atelier, Normand Bleau, bijou, art, artisan, joaillier, Estrie, Cantons-de-l'Est, Montérégie

Born in Montreal, after studying art, I had the chance to begin my wax sculpture training with one of the most famous craftsmen in this field. This profession of modeller requires precision and attention to details, everything is handmade, it leaves little room for error. Since 1975, I have been working on original creations for jeweler retailers, manufacturers, filmmakers and promoters of various projects.


Painting, sculpture and jewelry influence and challenge each other in my work and my daily research. As for my artistic approach, it is inspired by history as well as travel stories, urban architecture and the exuberance of nature. The play of forms and textures of my creations combine a figurative realism with architectural motifs and thus create innovative works of freshness as candid as they are audacious.           

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